Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Short exhange from yesterday's post

From a friend regarding yesterday's blog post:

My question for you today is: How do you know that most people are going to hell? Is it the example of the broad highway to hell and the narrow path to Heaven that you are referring to? Let me know, because I have been thinking a lot on that lately and, like a lot of things in the Bible, I don't know if that means literally or just that it takes more obedience and work on our part to stay on the narrow path and that it's much easier to be on the broad highway. Let me know your thoughts if you have a moment. Thanks.
God Bless,
My response:
Hi *****!
Thank you for your email. From a Biblical standpoint, the fact that Jesus said it is enough. Also, every letter and book of the New Testament (save a couple) warn of false teaching. It also warns that people will drink false teaching like water more and more as we reach the end times. With this urgent pleading from Jesus and the apostles not to fall in to false religions and false teaching it seems clear that many will fall into false teaching and false religions. As such, those that are in bondage to those things will be condmened on the Day of Judgement. When you look at the massive growth and size of religions like Islam, Buddhism, Hindu, New Age, Emergent, Jehovahs Witness, Mormonism, Masons, Satanist, Pagan and those unwilling to give up their sinful  can it be any other way.
Narrow is the Way, difficult is the road that leads to life....why? Because it is easier to feed the lusts of your flesh than it is to repent. Don't let any new age, touchy feely preacher deceive you; repentance is a MAJOR piece of the puzzle. Jesus began is earthly ministry with the message of repentance, so did Paul, John and Peter. All throughout the Old Testament is a message of repentance. Repentance is a big deal! Why is it now considered a "four letter word" that only religious fanatics use? Because this world is being decieved by Satan through false religions and false teaching. By Grace through Faith we are saved (which is the inhale of our Hope); but repentance is the natural and necasary exhale of those that are born-again.
To be honest John, it would be much more fun sharing Jesus if that wasn't the case. But the Truth is, the Message of The Cross is and always will be offensive this side of Judgement Day. Jesus wants us to leave our life of sin and turn to Him....why does that continue to be the source of argument in the world? If people don't want to believe it....fine; but don't try to pretend He didn't make it clear. If people don't want to surrender to Jesus, that's their choice....but don't pretend He is going to usher you in to His Kingdom then.
God Bless You Bro!

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  1. Cullman,

    Interesting post. Just got into a conversation yesterday with a friend that expressed frustration with the "a sin is a sin" thing you always here. It is very easy to adjust your thoughts to feed your desires. Often times we assume that because we are "a pretty good person", that certain sins become acceptable in the scheme of things. We then start to compare "big" sins to "little" sins. Then, eventually, we develope a perceived immunity. Another thing I constantly here is people suggesting that because it is now 2011, some things don't apply...the bible was written a long time ago and the world has changed. Very dangerous ground we are walking. Thanks for raising the flags!